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Wall Art

Brightly colored Buddha perfect for a cheerful and calm decor
2 handled urn. Heavy. 9 H x 7 W. No damage. Used for decor purposes but I ve changed my style.


My daughter sent me these from her trip. She wasn t sure what she was going to do with them. Ultimately decided to sell. I m thinking about tie-dyeing one, and using as a table or desk runner, or wrapping around a pole or valence. Anyway, make me an offer because we have a dozen of these!
A visit to India was a life altering experience for my daughter. She, and a friend, started up a clothing business. It began, partly as a necessity - due to the extreme temperatures - they needed appropriate clothes! They learned skills from master craftspeople. They learned how to hand-dye fabrics using colors created out of earth s resources. They designed, experimented, and created many piec...