over a month agoFremont, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
We are currently buying Comic books, vintage toys. Are you interested in making cash today for your items then please contact us. The list below are some of the comics that we are buying. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. #1-325 Amazing Spider-Man #1-100 Avengers #1-150 Fantastic Four #1-200 Incredible Hulk #1-4 Wolverine (1982 Limited Series) #1-10 Wolverine #1-1...
over a month agoAshland, CA+2 milesItems Wanted
Any unwanted or good shape furniture. Was moving and lanlord discarded. Hsving to replace entire house. With xmas comming up funds low. I can pick up,as long as.its not to far. Also looking for mens 2x4x shirts and flannels. Hub works outside and his clothes gone:-(((( any help
Hi, I'm in need of an extra wide walker, with a seat. My arthritic knee is now so bad I can only walk a few steps unassisted. I really need a walker with a seat, so I can get from my car, into the Doctor's office, or into a store, and be able to stop and rest along the way. Thank you so much!
yesterdayFremont, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Teacher needs 30 old smartphones to dismantle for a classroom lesson sequence where students learn about minerals in phones and where they come from. If you have an old smartphone to donate - or know anyone who does - please reply. The phones will be dismantled/destroyed.
this weekSan Leandro, CA+6 milesItems Wanted
I have been living in my apartment for a year almost and I will be needing to move and just a couple of months and really could use security deposit back in order to get that I'm going to need to clean my carpets and was hoping someone might have one available.
last weekSan Leandro, CA+6 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an older working car stereo, AM/FM, Cassette or CD would be a bonus. No electronic memory. Dial tuning. Maybe something removed from an older vehicle.
Hello, this is a bit of a reach.is anyone by chance an owner of a rental property? Looking for a 2 bedroom flat.we absolutely love where we live but there is a serious mold problem and no matter how hard i try it doesn't get any better. Maximum we can afford is 2100, will keep property clean and well maintained.rent will never be late. Let me know if your able to help this family of 4. Moderato...
Need a good working vacuum with attachments to vacuum floors,sofa and chairs for our new interim pastor in Castro Valley. If you have an extra one and wanted it to go to a good cause, please contact me. Thank you.
last weekSan Lorenzo, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a folding exercise pen for our new puppy. Thank you!
days agoSan Leandro, CA+6 milesItems Wanted
Sadly, my 1.5 liter glass tea kettle broke. I pour pre-heated water into it to make tea so it doesn t need to be able to sit on a stove. A coffee carafe/pot would work fine. I m hoping one of you has one sitting around gathering dust!
days agoSan Ramon, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Hoping to commute by bike a few days a week. Replied to an offer for a bike a few weeks ago but didn t hear back. If you have one you aren t using, please let me know.
days agoFremont, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a room screen/divider/partition for my grandma who is bed-ridden in the living room. Hoping to give her some privacy.
days agoNewark, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Need a file cabinet with key and in a good condition
days agoFremont, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working boom box that plays CDs. If it also plays cassettes that is a bonus but CD player is most needed feature.